Twist – Let’s you get started pretty quick !

I joined a Product team who creates a Software product. I joined as second QA in the team. Product has seen quite a few releases and the team has built a Testing Suite which has over 600 test scenarios. These test scenarios run on 3 OS Windows, Linux, Mac.600 tests means a well and huge structure already built in and not much of effort from my end. Oh but I then start worrying about time taken to comprehend the structure and look around how classes are organized, how are we tagging the test scenarios, how can I find what all scenarios are automated.
I used to think that automation tool sits in isolation. It’s needed when you want some test cases to automate. But we are using a tool which took away all my tension - Twist. So Twist allows me to write manual test case as well as automated ones at a single place and in a single suite. I don’t need 2 software; one to write manual tests and one to write automated tests. Well most of the testing projects have like this; write manual test cases in excel or other Test management tool and then automate it in QTP or some other tool.  Twist avoids such duplication effort. That means, early in the cycle when I am testing story I can write test scenarios in Twist and can tag them as “to be automated” and with respective functionality. So down the line in QA cycle when I would get time I would start automating it and remove the tags based on our convenience.
Coming to the original problem of comprehending the Test Suite structure and adding on top of existing test cases. Twist allows you to write test cases in business language. From the above example it’s easy to comprehend that I want to create a Card with some description and verify if it shows up in the list. To you it might not sound a little confusing as to what card and what list but some one on project can easily understand it. So when I have to add further test cases, all I need to do is press Control + Space key which brings up the Auto – complete feature and help me write scenarios in a faster and more efficient way. This will bring up the list of all test steps which has been implemented in previous scenarios. So it’s easy for me to look through (refer the below image)
The whole suggestion comes up and narrows down the list based on the words I types in. When I type in multiple words only those steps comes in which has both the words present. Isn’t this a cool feature in a testing tool.
That’s why I say go ahead and give it a try. And do write to me or Twist team in case you want to share your experience with the tool.


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