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Twitter allowed “Grouping” of People I Follow

Wahoo !!!! I am happy ! Very happy ! I wrote an article on 06th October about Twitter having a feature to allow “grouping” of people I would like to show my tweets to and groping the people I follow. And it is out ! :) The have implemented one part of the feature request. I am happy, looks like someone is listening. :)

Customize Wait Statement in QTP

In QTP, it’s good to use customize Wait statements rather than using Sync property of Browser. The way test case is written in QTP is perform some action and wait for the result to verify. And these results are mostly the response from the server which results in loading new page. Below is a function which solves this problem and can be easily used and improves the readability of the script. Function Wait_For_PageLoad(BrowsName,PageName)     Browser(BrowsName).Sync     Browser(BrowsName).Page(PageName).Sync     Browser(BrowsName).Page(PageName).WaitProperty "visible",true,10000 End Function

Testing SOA based Application

What is Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)? SOA is a method for delivering complex business software with increased flexibility through loosely coupled services Relies on Service orientation as its fundamental design principle SOA implementations are a combination of web components, mid-tier components, as well as back-end and legacy systems Enterprises are using SOA to integrate disparate systems into cohesive business processes by reusing in-tact systems and leveraging messaging and integration. SOAs have allowed organizations to flexibly integrate new and existing components as services in a business workflow Challenges in SOA Testing Testing loosely coupled services. Heterogeneous computing environment Bug isolation due to multiple layers Testing asynchronous nature of application Solution to the SOA based Testing Thorough component level testing of services before integration Service Integration Testing Testing f

Twitter allowing “Followers” to be Grouped ???

I am not in US! I don’t use Face book, Twitter, MySpace more than Google when i am online. Of late I started using Twitter and currently I am Following :42 & Followers: 32  And a total of 83 tweets. Not good but not very bad also. Once in a day I do log into Twitter account either to tweet or read updates from the others. But I realized, Twitter is such a plain application. I mean just simple. You Follow <==> Some one Follows you ==> You Tweet. That’s it. Damn Simple. So I have friends who follows me, Colleagues and outside world. There are some updates which I want to share with my friends only and not with Outside World or vice versa. Then I realized that Twitter should actually allow me to Group Users I follow and allow me to choose my updates to share with certain groups. Wouldn’t it be nice. Yeah I feel so, I don’t know about you. Well I have just sent an email about this to Senior Product Manager in Twitter and hoping he may consider it. Let’s see what happen

Retrieving all Dropdown values in VBScript

I will be pushing some VBScript functions which will help QTP automation testers. I will be randomly selecting web controls and a problem statement with that. Today’s control is drop down box and I will be writing a function which will read all the values in the drop down. Function GetAllValuesOfDropDown(BrowserName,PageName, DropDownName)    If  Browser(BrowserName).Page(PageName).WebList(DropDownName).Exist  Then         If  Browser(BrowserName).Page(PageName).WebList(DropDownName).GetROProperty("disabled") = False  Then         DropDownValues = Browser(BrowserName).Page(PageName).WebList(DropDownName).GetROProperty("all items")             GetAllValuesOfDropDown= DropDownValues         else             GetAllValuesOfDropDown= False         End If    else         GetAllValuesOfDropDown= False    End If End Function This will also help me revise my concepts. :)