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Gmail account got hacked

Hey friends, recently my gmail account got hacked and I had tough time retrieving my password back. I tried many options like retrieving it from the secondary email account and even using the SMS option. Finally I was able to retrieve it back, but I was not sure if the hacker is still using my account, because the cookie doesn’t get expire unless someone sign out from the session or the auto refresh happens (which I don’t know after how many minutes it happen). One option in Gmail which really helped me out was the “Details” marked in red below, which says from where all (IP) you have logged into the gmail account. Thanks Utkarsh for letting me know this option !

Social Objects

I think I am bit late to discuss “Social Objects”. I was reading a blog where the author was comparing Linkedin with Facebook . Both are public facing web sites where we network, one is professional and the other is personal. One question I have in my mind is “Why do we network”? When I realized, I found that we network to share. This sharing is of personal belongings like Photographs, Status, Feelings and Chat when it comes to social networking site and the same translates to Experiences, Knowledge, Appreciation when it comes to Linkedin. So people actually network to “share” and these sharable objects are nothing but “Social Objects”. So any public facing websites which allow networking should keep in mind the social objects through which they are trying to bond the users.

Twitter allowed “Grouping” of People I Follow

Wahoo !!!! I am happy ! Very happy ! I wrote an article on 06th October about Twitter having a feature to allow “grouping” of people I would like to show my tweets to and groping the people I follow. And it is out ! :) The have implemented one part of the feature request. I am happy, looks like someone is listening. :)

Customize Wait Statement in QTP

In QTP, it’s good to use customize Wait statements rather than using Sync property of Browser. The way test case is written in QTP is perform some action and wait for the result to verify. And these results are mostly the response from the server which results in loading new page. Below is a function which solves this problem and can be easily used and improves the readability of the script. Function Wait_For_PageLoad(BrowsName,PageName)     Browser(BrowsName).Sync     Browser(BrowsName).Page(PageName).Sync     Browser(BrowsName).Page(PageName).WaitProperty "visible",true,10000 End Function

Testing SOA based Application

What is Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)? SOA is a method for delivering complex business software with increased flexibility through loosely coupled services Relies on Service orientation as its fundamental design principle SOA implementations are a combination of web components, mid-tier components, as well as back-end and legacy systems Enterprises are using SOA to integrate disparate systems into cohesive business processes by reusing in-tact systems and leveraging messaging and integration. SOAs have allowed organizations to flexibly integrate new and existing components as services in a business workflow Challenges in SOA Testing Testing loosely coupled services. Heterogeneous computing environment Bug isolation due to multiple layers Testing asynchronous nature of application Solution to the SOA based Testing Thorough component level testing of services before integration Service Integration Testing Testing f

Twitter allowing “Followers” to be Grouped ???

I am not in US! I don’t use Face book, Twitter, MySpace more than Google when i am online. Of late I started using Twitter and currently I am Following :42 & Followers: 32  And a total of 83 tweets. Not good but not very bad also. Once in a day I do log into Twitter account either to tweet or read updates from the others. But I realized, Twitter is such a plain application. I mean just simple. You Follow <==> Some one Follows you ==> You Tweet. That’s it. Damn Simple. So I have friends who follows me, Colleagues and outside world. There are some updates which I want to share with my friends only and not with Outside World or vice versa. Then I realized that Twitter should actually allow me to Group Users I follow and allow me to choose my updates to share with certain groups. Wouldn’t it be nice. Yeah I feel so, I don’t know about you. Well I have just sent an email about this to Senior Product Manager in Twitter and hoping he may consider it. Let’s see what happen

Retrieving all Dropdown values in VBScript

I will be pushing some VBScript functions which will help QTP automation testers. I will be randomly selecting web controls and a problem statement with that. Today’s control is drop down box and I will be writing a function which will read all the values in the drop down. Function GetAllValuesOfDropDown(BrowserName,PageName, DropDownName)    If  Browser(BrowserName).Page(PageName).WebList(DropDownName).Exist  Then         If  Browser(BrowserName).Page(PageName).WebList(DropDownName).GetROProperty("disabled") = False  Then         DropDownValues = Browser(BrowserName).Page(PageName).WebList(DropDownName).GetROProperty("all items")             GetAllValuesOfDropDown= DropDownValues         else             GetAllValuesOfDropDown= False         End If    else         GetAllValuesOfDropDown= False    End If End Function This will also help me revise my concepts. :)

Happy Birth Day Google !!!

Notice the spelling of Google. It’s the Google’s 11th birthday !!! At first I thought, it’s typo; but then pointing the mouse shows 11th Birthday. :) Nice…

Making cells mandatory in Excel

Recently I read some article in Martin Flower’s blog where he is pointing to “Excel” as the most popular programming language. Indeed it is ! I very much agree with that. It’s just a powerful tool which allows one a freedom of implementation in VBScript. I am just sharing my experience with Excel where I had to make some cells mandatory as a part of filling a form. Hope you will be benefited. Option Explicit Dim Mandatory As Range Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Excel.Range) If Target.Cells.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub Select Case Target.Address Case "$A$5", "$A$10", "$A$15", "$A$20", "$A$25", "$A$30" Set Mandatory = Target Case Else If Not Mandatory Is Nothing Then If Mandatory = "" Then Mandatory.Select MsgBox "You cannot leave this cell blank" End If End If End Select End Sub The above macro will make the cells

Reading an Excel in VBScript

Below is a piece of code which can be used to read excel sheet and the values in the row or column. Option Explicit Dim myExcel,strExcelPath,objSheet Dim intRow,strRow2Col1,strRow2Col2 Set myExcel = CreateObject(" Excel.Application ") strExcelPath = "C:\Book2.xls" myExcel.WorkBooks.Open strExcelPath Set objSheet = myExcel.ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets(1) 'Assuming that the first row will contain the name of the column intRow = 2 Do While objSheet.Cells(intRow, 1).Value <> ""     strRow2Col1 = objSheet.Cells(intRow, 1).Value     strRow2Col2 = objSheet.Cells(intRow, 2).Value 'Increment the control to the next row     intRow = intRow + 1 Loop myExcel.ActiveWorkbook.Close myExcel.Application.Quit

Mobile Road Show from 1.0 to Mobile 2.0

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Conquering the world of Mobile Advertisement

In the present era we have a deep presence of mobile & internet in our life. People are driven by socio-emotional need to get connected with their friends, families, information and entertainment. As per the latest research, people are using their mobile to access internet as much as they use traditional web. Apart from all this, we would have hardly noticed but mobile phones are intensely personal devices which we carry with us almost everywhere. As a result, it is hard-to-resist medium for advertisers and proves to be the most intrusive form of marketing. Mobile Services typically involve two big players: Carrier & End User. Carriers generally weigh different strategies to approach the market and look for different user segments. But we are witnessing the third player coming into picture: Advertiser. If we try understanding the entire situation, it is carrier which is interfacing both user & advertiser and they have to do the balancing act between the two. The big

Scheduling Google Search

Scheduling Google Search and getting the results on your Mobile. I was reading an article on Tech Crunch about Google and I got an idea. If it is Google it has to be Search. If I see the web site I see it perfect. There is nothing a person would want ; a simple User Interface with text box and button. But what if I don’t have access to internet tomorrow just in case if I am traveling or not at my laptop or not having access to internet in but I know that I will need it to search something. For example when I am in Mysore Road (Let's say Wonder La) and I might be looking for some information on the good restaurants around. And I saw myself imagining the Google page with a “Schedule” button which allows me scheduling the search in future (may be 2-3 days in future) and not only this but also delivering the top 10 or 15 search result onto my cell phone. This sounds cool I suppose. Now this feature will really be good and handy but I also think how many users will be like me needi

Looks like it’s going to rain!

Title may sound weird to many of you but I could not get any suitable title than this. This line is one among the many dialogues which Spartan king speaks in movie 300. I watch this movie on almost every weekend (I have this movie stored on my laptop HD). Well this blog is no where related to 300. This blog is about cloud computing. What is cloud computing? Why cloud computing will make it real big? What is cloud computing? Cloud refers to the internet and computing refers to IT related services. When computing services are available on cloud, same is referred as cloud computing. In IT layman’s word it is like availability of virtual servers for internet. In academics we learn about many concepts like Grid computing, Cluster computing etc… but let’s not confuse those concepts with cloud computing. Cloud computing is not at all grid computing or cluster computing. Why cloud computing will make it real big? Let’s discuss few reasons why cloud computing will make it real big. 1. Cu