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Scheduling Google Search

Scheduling Google Search and getting the results on your Mobile. I was reading an article on Tech Crunch about Google and I got an idea. If it is Google it has to be Search. If I see the web site I see it perfect. There is nothing a person would want ; a simple User Interface with text box and button. But what if I don’t have access to internet tomorrow just in case if I am traveling or not at my laptop or not having access to internet in but I know that I will need it to search something. For example when I am in Mysore Road (Let's say Wonder La) and I might be looking for some information on the good restaurants around. And I saw myself imagining the Google page with a “Schedule” button which allows me scheduling the search in future (may be 2-3 days in future) and not only this but also delivering the top 10 or 15 search result onto my cell phone. This sounds cool I suppose. Now this feature will really be good and handy but I also think how many users will be like me needi