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Twist provides Intelligent Recording

Continuing from my previous post… Twist allows you to write manual tests and then automate it. It allows one to create Hybrid, Automated as well as Manual test suite. So let’s take a situation where the application under test (AUT) is Flipkart mobile site ( ). If you notice the site carefully, you will find that when you Search for “ Alchemist ”, category shown is “ Books ” Search for “ Inspiron ” category shown is “ Computers ” Search for “ Elvis Presley ” category shown is “ Music ” Below is a small video demonstrating the same. Please watch it in HD version. So as a tester on the project I would write my tests in way shown below: Search for "Elvis Presley" and verify category is "Music" Search for "Alchemist" and verify category is "Books" Search for "Andaz apna apna" and verify category is "Movies" Search for "Formula1" and verify category is "Games"

Automation crucial for Agile’s success !

Agile is incrementally building the whole project with smaller delivery cycles. I have written about that in few of my blogs . Automation in fact a good automation forms the core of agile project delivery. I as a QA might not feel the need of automation much in earlier phase of project. But as we progress further, QA would start putting in estimate for “Regression Testing”. I remember my previous project where the regression phase used to take around 1-2 weeks depending on the features planned in the release or impact of refactoring. Trust me it’s very painful when you are following agile methodology and you don’t have automation in place. It’s a costly mistake. People at top thinks we are implementing agile and at the execution level people are little confused about that. :) So in a typical agile methodology project, you need automation side by side your manual testing. You might struggle initially with the pace of QA sign

Testing a Testing Tool “Twist”

It’s been quite some time since I posted anything.  I have been rolled off from my previous project and on-board to altogether a different stuff. I am testing a “Testing Tool” called Twist.   You can find more about it from the hyperlink. It’s a new experience for me. I have never before tested any Testing Tool, though I have done some tool evaluation in past. But trust me testing a testing tool is a mind blowing experience. In past, I have used functional testing tools like QTP (8.0, 9.0, 9.2,9.5), Watin etc. But it’s a amazing tool. Twist allows you to play around with drivers like Sahi (for Web apps), Selenium 2.0 (for Web apps), Frankenstein (for Swing apps), SWTBot (for SWT/Eclipse apps).Recording facility is way superior than QTP (based on my experience). Will soon do some posts on the features of Twist tool very soon, let me get a hang of it. Don’t get bugged by reading those posts, instead download and enjoy. You are most welcome to give/mail me your comments and feed

Learnings from 15 months…

Project: re-writing a legacy application; and building Outlook Add-in and web application (in Silverlight) . Completed 15 months in a project and today rolling off for another new beginning in a different project.  I was involved in  close to 50 stories as a QA owner and have written over  more than 100 test cases and logged over more than  350 defects. I joined in a 7 member QA team and day –1 was like sitting in a room “Nalanda” and doing regression while going through the test scenarios. There were quite some number of test scenarios at that time itself and the application was buggy. Initially I thought I will start reading the narratives to get a hold of the application. But ask me it’s tough in a project which is older than 6 months. You can’t do it and you will have to find a better way. So what next, I started doing Exploratory testing and that increased my confidence. While you get to know the feature implemented and how actually system is behaving rather than how it sho

High Definition Bug !

I was on my way to Koramangala via Inner Ring road when I saw a big hoarding about the Bausch & Lomb HD lens.  My first reaction: What the hell ? The HD bug came here also (that too in lens) ? What all we will see with HD ? We already have products like HD Television, HD TV Channel, HD DVD , HD Camera and now HD lens.  Damn is there anything which is left ? I guess after few days we will see HD Sunglasses and many more. But I am not sure how they are going to sell the HD sunglasses. But HD hasn’t changed anything, I think? I used to see Cricket matches; Before (on TV) and Now (on Sony Bravia). In a cricket match, I can’t notice where the ball has hit on the pad unless I see the replay. Then what the f**k with HD ! Also I am not the one who gives decision. I just have to live with the decision like the other viewers who just watches it in a normal TV. :) High Definition is just a bug which makes you spend more without giving any satisfaction.