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Social Network? Are we seeing too much of it???

I was just going through some feeds in Google Reader where I saw the heading "Sweeping Changes At It’s A Social Network!" . Finally Microsoft ventured into Social Networking. I am not a very good researcher on Internet but yes a vivid reader for sure. I have 1 question: 1.Are we seeing too much of Social Networking Site? My point on the first question, yes I think we are seeing a too much of it. To name a few market owners Facebook, LinkedIn, Friendster, hi5, MySpace, Orkut, Tagged and the list goes on… Too much right! Yeah at least I would say that. I remember I had an account in hi5 which I stopped using, probably account would have got deleted by now. Then I created an account in Orkut, was tired at some point of time and deleted that account and then again I created one as most of the friends are there :). Recently I created an account in LinkedIn found it’s good and very professional unlike Orkut. Then heard of MySpace and created there too. Now the proble