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Regression Testing

Why regression testing is important in Agile methodology? Agile testing requires me to test iteratively the newly developed code and at the same time making sure the old implemented functionality is intact. Following TDD or writing unit test just helps in achieving an automated low level regression test suite. But it cannot be used alone in Agile. After every 2 or 3 iterations there should be a regression planned, I believe. During iterations, testers mostly focus on the story testing and the edge scenarios remain untested sometimes (primarily due to pending story development).  So how do we do regression testing effectively. Regression testing is not just about selective re-testing, it’s also about achieving the test coverage. So the big question is how do we go about it. In my previous post I have written about how do we segregate test cases in happy, sad and bad path test cases. So what all to be picked up in regression testing? Should we target testing all the test cases? Can we

Life was simple before iPhone

Looks like weird title but true for me! I remember my life some 3 and half years ago when I was happy with my Sony Ericsson mobile phone. It was a routine activity for me to get ready, go to office, do some testing and come back home. I was not an avid reader that time, mostly I used to read non fictions. Then one fine day I was attending a business presentation which was about booming mobile application industry. The last slide was of a guy who was sleeping on bed and there were lots of mobile hanging on top of him (trying to convey that think and dream only about mobile, that’s the future). It was an impressive presentation which talked about mobile world. As a result of that eye opening presentation, I started reading few blogs and some mobile related websites. After some months time, I realized that the actual culprit is iPhone. Before iPhone there were mobiles phones which people primarily used to make calls (STD or Local) or send SMS, listen music, take pictures. Apple guys