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Learning from Distributed Agile project

It's been quite some time that I am involved in a project, which involves distributed agile team. There is a lot I have learned being the project manager on the team and I would want to share here. The project is distributed across Bangalore and Cincinnati. By the way a distributed team is the one, which is constrained from collaborating in person or face-to-face. Typical set up I am in is, smaller team onshore and a larger team offshore. Smaller team, which is onshore, has the advantage of being closer to Product Owner. This post is mostly to share my experiences and learning from managing such a team and helping the team to deliver. One thing for sure is it's not easy to implement, it has its own challenges. Below are some of the items, which we need to take care a lot in a distributed agile mode: Communication : As I mentioned earlier that there is a small team, which is present at onsite gets the advantage of sitting next to Product Owners. A