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Impact Of Responsive Web Design On GUI Based functional Tests

I have been working on a new project which is about building a public facing retail website. One of the requirements of the website is to make it responsive so as to cater to the growing number of requests from mobile devices. As an enterprise if you don't have a dedicated Android or iPhone app, probably making a responsive website is the cheapest way to get your customers happy and served. So not deviating from the actual point, we have a responsive web application in making. And as part of testing we have added a bunch of functional selenium tests. These tests are added to the CI pipeline and runs with every check in. The QA team has a remote machine which is Win7 and is being used to test the application as well as author the functional tests. What we noticed that the functional tests used to pass locally on that Win7 box, however same test when checked-in was failing on CI agent. The log used to show " element is not currently visible and so may not be interacted w