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Learn Test Automation Framework Creation Using Selenium

Folks we have written a tutorial for aspiring test automation engineers who wants to learn Webdriver and looking for Test Automation Framework creation knowledge. The project contains a bunch of chapters right from " writing your first Selenium test " to " how to implement Page Object Pattern ".  We have hosted the sample framework in Github and is for illustration purpose.  Link: It will demo the implementation of Java with WebDriver (aka Selenium 2) and how to write automated tests. The chapters are created in a evolving manner where the first chapter tests are very simple enough (how a beginner would write) and then slowly they have been evolved (how a professional would write). Who's the Target Audience: To work, interact and make the best out of the project a person is required to have a basic knowledge of Java, Selenium API, TestNG and GIT. Just to clear this tutorial is not meant to teach you Jav