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Performance Testing

Whenever we hear the word ‘ performance testing ’ the very first thing which comes to the mind is bombarding the server with more than 100 or sometime 1000 request at a time. But as per my understanding (which is based on after going through lots of research paper and training), performance testing is nothing but real-time simulation of scenarios on a server. Let’s take an example of doing performance testing of a Mailbox Server. So ideally a naive person who only knows about general testing or rather has done only functional testing will think of bombarding the server by creating some 1000 mail request and watching the time for each request to be successful. But this conception is totally wrong. Before starting any performance testing we need to know the typical usage scenario or the functionality of the Application under Test (AUT) to stretch it. This is known as creating performance scenario. So to test a mailbox server, we should have some scenarios. Let’s think of some scenario