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Being an Entrepreneur

Lesson 1: No matter what you do, few things will go at it's own pace ! When you can't influence them, bear them and be happy ! When I planned with other two friends of mine to leave ThoughtWorks and set up a company of our own, we had no much of idea of outside world. We were starting on getting the company name finalised, registering the company. Reading mostly on web we found out that it would take around 4 weeks to register a company. We thought we have around 4 weeks of notice period and started the procedure. Believe me if it's a government work you are bound to repeat the task at least once. It took us 8 weeks to register the company and get all the documentation done and a ton of patience, there are still couple of filing under progress which are more like nice to have. Plus the whole government functionary is black box. So in case you are registering for a new company you would need to submit four names as a potential choice for company name. Ahhh yes 4 na

Driving in the future !

Ever felt the need to have a projection of your mobile screen right on your car wind shield ? Yes I did imagine at times that I should have option to project my mobile screen on the car wind shield and I could read my emails or reply to someone on chat while I am standing on a signal ! But looks like someone is just thinking in this direction and has created something which just blew my mind ! The only difference is that it's not the projection on the wind shield but it's a smaller screen which gives you the same feel !  Added advantage you have is that of a gesture support! Sounds pretty cool and futuristic ? Look at it yourself ! Thank you Navdy for coming up with such a cool product !