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The 3 qualities that will always help you become better at almost anything…

Have we ever noticed how excited we are when we start anything? But it’s a sad fact that 70% of people abandon what they have started with so much energy and love. It could be as small as building a hobby or starting a pet project or even an activity or a side learning we started. “ Well begun is half done .” Aristotle did say this but we are judged for how we have finished something. You separate yourself fro m  the masses when you choose to give that task a finish.  The first quality is finishing off what you started and it helps develop mental stamina or willpower.   It builds confidence and inculcates as a habit in a long run. You don’t need to sign up for the mammoth activity to build this habit, even finishing mundane day-to-day routine tasks will help. Diligence — the quality of working carefully and with a lot of effort Diligence is a quality that almost never will get unnoticed. It’s one of the underlying traits of great works or success. The key to mediocrity on the o