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Mobile Testing Strategy for Enterprise apps

Smartphone and tablet adoption has pushed the growth of mobile application in last couple years. People are spending more and more time on these devices and it has slowly replaced any other device as primary means of communication. Compared to web, mobile space is very challenging when comes to testing. Gone are the days when you had enough time on hand to develop a feature and push to production after thorough testing. Even though most of the mobile app has only couple of screens (may be 5 or 6 max if it’s transactional in nature) and very limited input mechanism (mostly dominated by keyboard input or selecting by scroll) then what makes it complex? Most of the mobile app (especially enterprise mobile app) has the need of releasing faster and releasing frequently. This is primarily due to new feature being pushed or user feedback incorporation. It could also be due to UX improvement or changes. So when we are talking about mobile app testing we need to have a strategy which supp