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Weekends — a much needed time for Entrepreneurs

  The truth is when you are an entrepreneur there is no weekend and it’s not by any compulsion but because of the passion, you have for your startup. The majority of the entrepreneurs would echo this line of thought. If you are an entrepreneur and taking the weekend off then maybe you are just in a glorified job with no boss to report to. All days are the same! For entrepreneurs, work is their passion, their life, their baby. It’s for a reason you have left a few things behind to venture and create it. In fact, work is not really a work per se, it’s their passion. When you initially started, all days are the same, there is no Sunday or a Monday, all are just the same. You put in innumerable hours to read, to enhance, think, and discuss the plan, and execute. So practically there is no work-life balance for entrepreneurs. It’s just about the idea and execution. Entrepreneurs have a vision in front of them and you chase it with all your passion and energy. It takes a significant