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Get started with Appium for Android & Cucumber-JVM using quick reference book

TestVagrant Technologies has released two free Ebooks on and couple of projects in github which can help you get started with Appium and Cucumber-JVM. Both the books are for beginners and have detailed steps on how to set-up and goes till how to execute your first test. We did find lack of good documentation on both the subject in terms of starting up so we tried putting one hand book for the same. Happy Reading !!! Appium for Android A quick reference book on how to use Appium for automating Android Application using Java. This would detail each and every practical aspects right from setting up Appium to running the test on actual devices. Ebook link: Github link: Building a Test Framework Using Cucumber-JVM This book talks about building a cucumber-jvm based functional test framework with selenium in the background. Ebook link: Github link:

Growth, Quality & Culture - Yes they are bundled together

Today I was having a discussion with one of my long time friend who is in a senior role in an IT industry. We touched upon a lot of topic but one thing which makes me write this blog is Culture, Quality (by quality I mean the quality of people) and Growth.  For once it does look like 3 different topics but it's actually interrelated and bringing up one invokes other. So you can't have discussion on Culture in silo or for that matter either Quality or Growth. Relating from my experience of hiring in one of the companies I worked with, had three rounds of interview with two people evaluating the person in each round. So if a candidate has gone through all rounds there would be six different opinions and a higher chance that people might have mixed opinions. The only situations where all six of them would have readily agreed was when the candidate is really poor in knowledge (mostly they wouldn't reach next round ) or really outstanding where in people reach consen