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Hiring - key to start up growth

In a hectic and a joyful life of running a company, being full time on a project and then being a father is just a little too much.  Writing took a back seat because of all this.  So I thought to cut down my sleeping time to get back to writing blogs, it's liberating I feel. Here I have basically tried to discuss what we generally look in for when we are hiring especially for a position in start up point. Excerpt here:  We are 14 right now and we are still looking for more. We have filtered around more than 400 resumes, close to 150 face to face interviews and then we selected bunch of folks who are working with us. I have been doing interviews since 2007, so when I reflect at the hiring process, I feel there is not much change with respect to how you give interview. Largely the process of giving interview remained the same. To a certain extent the reason could be that what we ask in interview hasn’t changed. Full blog here:

UiAutomator died while responding to command

Recently while working on one of the Appium automation framework, we noticed this error: " org.openqa.selenium.WebDriverException:   UiAutomator died while responding to command,  please check appium logs!  (WARNING: The server did not provide any stacktrace information) Let me explain the framework we have. The framework is using Cucumber + Appium + Gradle.  So the test are written in feature file in plain english and in turn talk to step implementation which calls the page class for any action.  We also have some utils written  which basically captures the screenshot of the device on the step of failure and captures the adb log of the device. But in this case of error there was no snapshot  taken. Also we are running the tests in parallel and are not using Selenium grid, we have our own custom solution to take care of it. Couple of guess what we made: We suspected the issue to be session related and we tried the override session

Mobile Testing Strategy for Enterprise apps

Smartphone and tablet adoption has pushed the growth of mobile application in last couple years. People are spending more and more time on these devices and it has slowly replaced any other device as primary means of communication. Compared to web, mobile space is very challenging when comes to testing. Gone are the days when you had enough time on hand to develop a feature and push to production after thorough testing. Even though most of the mobile app has only couple of screens (may be 5 or 6 max if it’s transactional in nature) and very limited input mechanism (mostly dominated by keyboard input or selecting by scroll) then what makes it complex? Most of the mobile app (especially enterprise mobile app) has the need of releasing faster and releasing frequently. This is primarily due to new feature being pushed or user feedback incorporation. It could also be due to UX improvement or changes. So when we are talking about mobile app testing we need to have a strategy which supp

Being leisure…

Today I had been to hospital for some check up. After the initial analysis, I was sitting in a hospital and was waiting for my x-ray reports to come. While waiting there, I saw couple of people around and generally I take out my iPhone and get busy in some app. But today I suppressed my urge to take out phone reason being no data signal in basement. Yeah I didn’t wanted to hear music as well ! What I noticed in that hall for next 15 minutes was very different, realistic and special.  People you see around and their expressions. There were people who were looked worried, some were with their kids and running behind them, in a bit lighter mood. Kids certainly add a new dimension to your life I felt. And quite a lot were busy in mobile, may be they had network :) Another thing which I noticed was how ppl come dressed to hospital. Majority of the people came in casual clothing except few ladies who were dressed a little more for the occasion. I am no one to comment on that, howev