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Questions that make me think !

Few questions when asked I don’t know how to reply. It’s not that I don’t have answers but just that the questions are not appropriate I feel. Some of the common questions are: How are things ? How is it going ? How is the project? Problem I see with these questions are they are not Quantifiable, they don’t make me think to answer. And most of us are little optimistic by saying “Things are going good” or “Yeah it’s good” or “Going on”. Instead questions should be asked in such a way that helps us get an insight. “ How good are we looking in terms of velocity planned ”, “ Are you implementing any new practice ”, “ What are you learning these days ”, “ How is Team Confidence looking? ” etc. There could be many questions like the one above. I wanted to highlight that Questions when framed properly can get you fruitful and real information. Also it will make other person think through which they might not have been doing.