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Gmail account got hacked

Hey friends, recently my gmail account got hacked and I had tough time retrieving my password back. I tried many options like retrieving it from the secondary email account and even using the SMS option. Finally I was able to retrieve it back, but I was not sure if the hacker is still using my account, because the cookie doesn’t get expire unless someone sign out from the session or the auto refresh happens (which I don’t know after how many minutes it happen). One option in Gmail which really helped me out was the “Details” marked in red below, which says from where all (IP) you have logged into the gmail account. Thanks Utkarsh for letting me know this option !

Social Objects

I think I am bit late to discuss “Social Objects”. I was reading a blog where the author was comparing Linkedin with Facebook . Both are public facing web sites where we network, one is professional and the other is personal. One question I have in my mind is “Why do we network”? When I realized, I found that we network to share. This sharing is of personal belongings like Photographs, Status, Feelings and Chat when it comes to social networking site and the same translates to Experiences, Knowledge, Appreciation when it comes to Linkedin. So people actually network to “share” and these sharable objects are nothing but “Social Objects”. So any public facing websites which allow networking should keep in mind the social objects through which they are trying to bond the users.