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My First C# Application :)

This is one of my interesting projects I have ever worked and really enjoyed it to core. I was given the task to create an application which generates a report file taking input from mailbox task, meeting and sent items (based on some keywords in subject line). I found it very interesting and challenging too coz I being the tester first time I was feeling that I am doing some task of development which I always wanted to do. :) Working with “Outlook Mailbox” is really fun. Problem was how to read tasks and meeting/appointment and create a daily report for the same. The idea of creating this document is to share my excitement and coming up with this document to help someone to give them an insight into how to work in C# to retrieve all items from mailbox. This doc will help to integrate Outlook with Visual Studio with C# language. Technical Info: To start with we need to add the Microsoft Outlook 12.0 Outlook Library reference to the project. Once we add the reference to our pro

How to select a web service testing tool?

Well this is the first and foremost question which comes to mind when we have a web service testing project. I have just tried to put down my opinion about how to select a tool. There are two things which I will expect from a test tool: 1. Tool which will allow stand alone testing of web services 2. Tool which can be used as a test harness to create different suites of functional and regression test cases. There are other factors also which influence the selection of tool. I would like to prioritize them like this: 1. Tool allows you to create test cases and Test case Management. 2. Tool allows integration with other frameworks or applications. 3. A good result reporting format. 4. Tool supporting different platforms. 5. Tool should be easy to learn.

XML Handling Tips in C#

The XML handling in C# believe me is one of the tricky task. Sometimes the way we read one of the XML will not work out for the other and will throw some exception and believe me that when you see that the same code works in one program and not the other then trust me you just feel like yelling at Visual Studio. Many times the code I write for one XML file do not works for the other and trust me that really frustrates… J In this post I will brief about XML loading and how to query XML for 2 most frequently used requirements: 1. Getting a particular node. 2. Getting a particular node along with its child nodes. So XML handling starts with loading the XML Document. XmlDocument xDoc = new XmlDocument (); xDoc.Load( @"C:\\Documents and Settings\\Administrator\\Desktop\\Test Sprint\\URL_Config\\Test.xml" ); Now the problem starts after loading the document. The problem is with the namespace. Sometimes the document gets loaded properly and sometimes does not. S

How to do Web Service Testing ????

Recently I have completed a project on Web Service Testing. Till now I have executed around 10 -12 projects as a Sr. Software Development Engineer in Test but never found any project which is more challenging and interesting when it comes to web service testing. The entire blog is written into 3 sections: 1. What is Web Service 2. Scope of Testing Web Service 3. Approach to test a web service What is a web service… Few months back in a discussion I came across the word “SOA”. I was completely unaware of the word “SOA”; what it is ; how it helps; is it a standard like IEEE etc… But after the WS testing project, I came to know about SOA. This definition is taken from Wikipedia which I found is the most relevant among the web search I did for defining SOA. Service-Oriented Architecture ( SOA ) is a software architecture where functionality is grouped around business processes and packaged as interoperable services . SOA actually aims at providing a loose coupling o