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QA Velocity

I keep hearing this term through out the day and wonder if there is anything called QA velocity. How we measure QA velocity? Is it just by the number of points signed off by QA team in an iteration or averaged over few iterations . Or is it more of a expectation setting? Just to inform that QA team doesn’t act as a barrier. Testing and Development are no separate process. Generally the QA team is involved in a series of activity like writing test scenarios, preparing test data, doing dev box testing, build deployment, system testing, integration testing, exploratory testing, bug filing and regressing. As the number of activities increases it introduces a potential barrier too with itself. Some of the potential barriers are unstable build, lack of preparation while doing dev box testing, finding bugs in the later phase of testing, improper bug filing. All these things potential acts like a barrier or halt in signing off a story. Some of these issues should be addressed as a part of

Off the track

As Shiv Khera says “ if you are not part of the solution, you are Problem ”. I admit being a part of the problem because I gave bribe once to an Inspector for getting my passport. I was seeing news on one of the channel which was flashing breaking news ; LK Advani talked about corruption in Congress Regime and Pranab Mukherjee hit back saying don’t forget your regime. Wow, these things have become breaking news ! I pity news channel. “Corruption” is not a relative word that I can say I am least and you are more. It’s a disease. It’s an individual responsibility to remain honest and promote honesty and educate others about honesty. All I see on news is corruption, scams, people hiding their faces on camera and politicians barking and biting at each other. Whether it is by a Telecom Minister at Central level or Karnataka’s Chief Minister retaining office after so many land scams, it’s a shame for the whole government and a country of 1.15 billion people. Are these corrupt people so hun