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What a QA role in TestVagrant looks like?

Disclaimer : Not a post to promote my Org. Read it if you want to understand what we do at  TestVagrant  and what you can expect from your career as a QA here. Almost 4 years back we created the company called  TestVagrant  and the prime intention was to make testing very intelligent and innovative. We want to make testing lean, more efficient, foster intelligence in solution which we owned and built. We wanted to challenge the assumptions of the testing and create something which is more intuitive and value addition to the software development process. And this happens when you own the design when you can influence it and change it based on the knowledge and skill you have acquired over a period of time. End of the day we wanted everyone to believe in the work they are doing, enjoy the work, experiment with what they are learning and have the courage to question the status quo and above all feel free to implement their ideas. We code to test and make testing faster and accurate. G

Feedback — the key to improvisation

The hardest part of any process is “ improvisation ”. A couple of days back I was pairing with my son (4 years old) on his school homework and there were a couple of realizations or new learning for me.  While I was telling him what is right and how to do it rightly, he was less willing to hear and was kind of sure that what he knew was right.  It made me think that taking feedback doesn’t come naturally .  Read more here ...