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Testing in Microservice Architecture

As Microservice is becoming more popular and is being adopted fast, it becomes essential for test engineers and organisations to align their testing strategy with the architecture of the application. This requires change in perspective from traditional way of testing applications.  The below article would help you understand why are we talking about it and would address your basic questions around it.  We have planned a series of blogs around it and this is largely to set the context.

Fitness Tracker or Smart Watch ??

Yes Apple and Oranges are not comparable ! The case in here is of fitness tracker and Smart Watch.  They are two different things then why am I even trying to make a case to compare them ! Possibly for two reason: Need Whenever there is a new product launch in the market (mostly in the tech segment which could be part of one’s day to day life) either they are enhancement over existing product or they are completely new concept and thought process. In the former case you generally own some version of the product (because you need them) and hence the thought process for newer product is "how much better it is"? Let me explain with an example. This is mostly explained from Indian market context where there is no concept of free upgrade. Let’s say I own iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 is launched in market. Sure I would compare the benefits in terms of how much better my experience would be and this benefit would be differential in nature. My experience would be impro