Fitness Tracker or Smart Watch ??

Yes Apple and Oranges are not comparable ! The case in here is of fitness tracker and Smart Watch. They are two different things then why am I even trying to make a case to compare them !

Possibly for two reason:

Whenever there is a new product launch in the market (mostly in the tech segment which could be part of one’s day to day life) either they are enhancement over existing product or they are completely new concept and thought process.
In the former case you generally own some version of the product (because you need them) and hence the thought process for newer product is "how much better it is"? Let me explain with an example. This is mostly explained from Indian market context where there is no concept of free upgrade.

Let’s say I own iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 is launched in market. Sure I would compare the benefits in terms of how much better my experience would be and this benefit would be differential in nature. My experience would be improvement.

On the other hand let’s say I am stuck on iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 and then iPhone 6 is launched. This would be a totally different situation because the thought process would be to get out of the situation I am stuck in which is basically a slow device in my hand, which can’t be further upgraded. It’s like hitting end of the road for the product you own.
And the prime decisive factor would be my itch to get rid off and the amount of money in my pocket. So these two factors come in play and would make me think of replacing my device and any effort towards it would make my experience multiply (in terms of 3x or 4x).
So the experience for me is not differential but it multiplies here. Also I would shift on to the new technology curve which would help me sustain for the next couple of years easily. So this forward looking thought process generally address the cost part.

So establish your need first ! 
Do you need a fitness tracker or you need a mini iPhone on your wrist ?

If you need and own a fitness tracker you certainly don't need iPhone on your wrist if you are happy with the tracker and it’s features. For example in my case I just love my Fitbit Charge. It does what it promises and I don't want any notification for sure except the phone call notifications which it already handles !

If you own a crappy wearable so called smart watch on your hand, you need to figure out whether Apple watch will give you differential benefit or will it multiply your experience. 
And in my opinion, of all the wearable device I have seen no one even comes near to Apple Watch in terms of getting the product right. Apple Watch introduces you to a new Technology Curve ! But sooner than later you will see tonnes of brand copying it (or getting inspired from it in more respectable terms) and coming with their own version of watch. Wait for them if you don't own an iPhone.
Thanks to Apple for showing them how to make smart watches !

If your need is Apple and it’s very costly you will for sure settle with Oranges or you may choose to skip both!

Apple Watch (Sports version) as expected is costly. It costs almost 3 times that of a Fitbit Charge or may be even twice that of other smart watches available. I will not talk about Gold edition, because people who are buying it are above Apple and Oranges discussion. They are the brand loyalist and fan ! They are totally a different segment !
So how does cost will come into play?

It will make you ascertain your need once again but with a different perspective and that perspective is “affordability”.
Do you need a fitness tracker or you need a affordable smart watch or do you even need any of these ? 

The affirmative answer would guide you to Fitbit, Jawbone etc. or will make you adjust with Moto 360, Pebble or some other smart watches (I am hoping there will be decent smart watches coming from LG, Sony, HTC) which would flood the market soon. 

Or the answer to above question might even surprise you by scrapping your need, saying it’s too early to think of these products! You don't need any of these.

Don't worry you are not alone, you will find lot of companions here! There is something called Technology adoption lifecycle which will surprise you on how people react to new technology. You might want to read about it.

So to conclude, I do think that Apple and Oranges are comparable (not in terms of feature though) because somewhere they fight for a share of an ecosystem (wearable devices here) which is mostly impacted or driven by need and cost.

Disclaimer: This article will make more sense if you own apple devices or you are thinking of migrating to  products of Apple family.

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