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Vicious Circle

Software Product is a bunch of functionality assembled together and tied within the boundary of business rules. Each line of code which is written to implement a functionality has a potential bug in them . And each valid bug raised requires a change in the code written . Are these forming a vicious circle ? Let me explain. In a typical agile methodology, we write the Unit Tests first and then the actual functionality. So that means we actually know how the system would be tested (to some extent). But after writing the functionality, the developer calls a fellow tester to do a Dev Box Testing. Dev Box Testing is generally done on a developer’s machine with a very minimal set of test data (Thanks to developers laziness ! :)). It’s done to ensure that the intended functionality is properly developed and there are no major bugs. It also gives developer the chance to debug the application in case of any exception (if encountered). So till now we have done Unit Testing and Dev Box T

Bangalore QA Conf

Folks ThoughtWorks is organizing a Quality Analyst meet on 2nd September 2010 . Hope you guys are aware of the event. Do register and attend in case you are looking for some good discussion and talks on Testing. Hi, We are delighted to invite you to a Quality Analyst Community Meet at our Koramangala office in Bangalore. This conference is a platform for our peers in the software testing industry to strengthen the QA community by sharing and learning new practices and ideas. 'QAConf' offers a unique opportunity to interact with people who are equally passionate about software testing and continuously strive to better the art. The format of 'QAConf' is scheduled such that each speaker will have 25 minutes to present followed by a couple of minutes of Q & A with participants. The topics covered in this workshop will be appropriate for any level of testing experi

How to use Rupee Symbol !

“Cool nice symbol” , these were my first reaction when I got to know that Indian Rupee has finally got it’s symbol. Even though the party was not over, the problem was how to put that into keyboard. Sunday Morning –> Times of India –> First Page Bottom Section, we have the problem solved (even though temporarily). Nice ! Some company Foradian Technologies has done it by creating a font called Rupee-Foradian. Superb Job ! If you want to use it straight way in your word documents, then this is how you can do it. Step 1: Download the font from here . This will open the Foradian’s page. Step 2: Copy the font to folder “ C:\Windows\Fonts ” on your PC\Laptop. Step 3: Map it to the least used key ‘ Tilde ’ on your keyboard. As suggested by the Foradian CEO, use the one above your Tab key. Step 4: Open Window Word. Enter the Tilde key. Select it and right click and from the options available click “Font”. Step 5: The first drop down ‘Latin Text Font’, scroll to find ‘Rupee Fora

Showcase in Agile Methodology

Showcase is very important in agile product development. It lets the product development team project the work they have done so far in front of the stake holders or the potential end users or business users. Primarily showcase is done to take early feedback and reduce the last minute surprises. It’s also done to find out if the Product Development team is building the product right. Why some of the show case results in too much of feedback/comments or sometimes creation of some other story cards or Change Requests? This blog article is to share my views and opinion on the same. Ideally when business analyst (BA) write down the narratives or story, they generally get it reviewed by the client. I suppose the BA do their homework before presenting the narrative to the client. So the question is even though the narratives are approved by the clients, why the showcase fails (a harsh word to use) ? There could be many reasons but as per my understanding I feel there are only 2 prominent

Off the track

It’s almost been a months time since I wrote any blog. I am happy to share that I stepped into a new phase of my life, I got married. In this almost one month of vacation I spent a lot of money on buying jewellery, clothes, gifts and random shopping. After coming back to Bangalore, I am again in touch with blogs and articles and I was just glancing through an article on “customers, buying patterns, brand value” etc. Then I started thinking how do I choose what I have to buy? Do I get influenced by brand name? Do I get influenced by what my friends/colleagues are buying? Do the advertisement creates enough confidence in me to take a chance in buying a new brand? So basically how do I choose? These questions applies to a range of products varying from stationary item like a pen, household items and even to electronic items. I believe all product companies create products thinking the customers will use them, either it is Reynolds or Rotomac  or Maxwriter making pen or Nokia,Samsung,L