Off the track

It’s almost been a months time since I wrote any blog. I am happy to share that I stepped into a new phase of my life, I got married.

In this almost one month of vacation I spent a lot of money on buying jewellery, clothes, gifts and random shopping. After coming back to Bangalore, I am again in touch with blogs and articles and I was just glancing through an article on “customers, buying patterns, brand value” etc. Then I started thinking how do I choose what I have to buy? Do I get influenced by brand name? Do I get influenced by what my friends/colleagues are buying? Do the advertisement creates enough confidence in me to take a chance in buying a new brand? So basically how do I choose?

These questions applies to a range of products varying from stationary item like a pen, household items and even to electronic items. I believe all product companies create products thinking the customers will use them, either it is Reynolds or Rotomac  or Maxwriter making pen or Nokia,Samsung,LG & Apple making high end phones.


All the above asked questions are restricted between 2 walls : Requirement and Money. It’s very simple. Let’s take an illustration: If I am a student and I need a pen to write, I would go for an average costing pen with good grip. If I am working professional (who uses computer more than stationary) , I would go for a more glossy pen may be a little costlier.

Same logic goes with mobile too. I might be using laptop for 14 hours a day while working in office and back at home. But I would love to buy iPhone or Nexus Phone just to show that I can update my facebook status when I am in a sick Traffic Jam or when I am on the way to a party. But mostly I will be using it to make calls and write messages. Trust me the touch screen phones are such a pain while writing messages!

To summarise, money is a guiding factor in all the decisions related to buying. If you can shell out more money you will get attracted by features which you don’t even “need”, else you will just stick to the “basic needs” and feel happy.


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