How to use Rupee Symbol !

“Cool nice symbol” , these were my first reaction when I got to know that Indian Rupee has finally got it’s symbol. Even though the party was not over, the problem was how to put that into keyboard. Sunday Morning –> Times of India –> First Page Bottom Section, we have the problem solved (even though temporarily). Nice !
Some company Foradian Technologies has done it by creating a font called Rupee-Foradian. Superb Job ! If you want to use it straight way in your word documents, then this is how you can do it.
Step 1: Download the font from here. This will open the Foradian’s page.
Step 2: Copy the font to folder “C:\Windows\Fonts” on your PC\Laptop.
Step 3: Map it to the least used key ‘Tilde’ on your keyboard. As suggested by the Foradian CEO, use the one above your Tab key.
Step 4: Open Window Word. Enter the Tilde key. Select it and right click and from the options available click “Font”.
Step 5: The first drop down ‘Latin Text Font’, scroll to find ‘Rupee Foradian’ and select. Click OK. You are done.
Step 6: Press the Tilde key, you will find the new symbol `. It’s damn simple steps.
Sorry this would not help you to enter this symbol in your Facebook Status, I tried it but failed.
Thanks a lot to Foradian Technologies. Unni Koroth – Brilliant Job !


  1. AnonymousJuly 18, 2010

    If you copy this and paste in facebook/gmail/gtalk wont work

  2. Absolutely... Because Facebook/Gmail/gtalk has limited support for Fonts. This you can use mostly in Word Document or any editor which allows you to edit Fonts.

  3. Thanks for the detailed procedure.. :)

  4. @Herrspion Welcome Sir :)

  5. you can use new rupee symbol with the technique i found online at

  6. Not thanks for detail procedure....

  7. Dude I tried it and it's working. Do let me know where it's failing !

    Nishant V

  8. wow great.. nicely working.. gud job :) wud be gr8 if fb supports the font..

  9. thank yu :) do tell us (if possible), how to use it in facebook n other places.. :):)


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