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Product Idea ?? I know it's already there !

What do you do when you a think of a product idea? Or your next big idea? Probably you Google ! The very moment you find something similar, it brings down all the energy and enthusiasm in you and finally you give up on that idea without giving any thought to it ! I have spoken to numerous people about this and they feel exactly the same. But somehow I am not convinced with this. When any idea comes to your mind, you actually craft a ecosystem around that idea. You think of a business plan and start thinking of who your target customers would be and why they would want to use your idea/app/product. You actually know why your idea is going to be the next big idea. You also think of who your users will be, what could be the top 3 features of your product. Basically there is lot of thinking from your side which is gone into it, which convinces your logical mind why it's gonna be a great idea. What if you do Google and you find something similar? Don't let it go ! What mak

How to turn your most visiting web apps into mac apps ?

While tweeting I noticed that even though I have marked the tweets with "#in" tag to selectively push it to LinkedIn , but it doesn't go through. So I thought let me download the " hootsuite " app for Mac OS. On the download page I noticed that there is something called Fluid, which lets you run the web app as an independent desktop application. I liked this idea. Next thing I did was download the app and tried and creating an app for Hootsuite itself, it worked fine. You might want to download the icon of the app you are trying to mimic. It's simple, very straight forward and easy to use. By the way, I noticed this app "Fluid" because the "Download Now" link on Hootsuite webpage showed me 404 (due to my intermittent network problem; Thank you Airtel for such a wonderful timing !).