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Looks like it’s going to rain!

Title may sound weird to many of you but I could not get any suitable title than this. This line is one among the many dialogues which Spartan king speaks in movie 300. I watch this movie on almost every weekend (I have this movie stored on my laptop HD). Well this blog is no where related to 300. This blog is about cloud computing. What is cloud computing? Why cloud computing will make it real big? What is cloud computing? Cloud refers to the internet and computing refers to IT related services. When computing services are available on cloud, same is referred as cloud computing. In IT layman’s word it is like availability of virtual servers for internet. In academics we learn about many concepts like Grid computing, Cluster computing etc… but let’s not confuse those concepts with cloud computing. Cloud computing is not at all grid computing or cluster computing. Why cloud computing will make it real big? Let’s discuss few reasons why cloud computing will make it real big. 1. Cu