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Network Speed Simulation for Testing

Recently I came across a production issue for the project I am working on. The error was that the page shows the loading icon and stays in that state when the internet speed is slow. On analysing the issue developers found that when the network speed is slow and the page is unable to download the js file with 7 seconds (specified time out), and it goes into that load state. Probably one tip here would be test out your application on a slow network speed. Generally while we test the app, we are on the best of the internet speed. So this post is about how you can simulate the low network speed and test your app on browser.  There is a tool called Charles ( website link ) which will let you simulate the slow network speed. By the way it's a paid tool which has a trial version as well which runs for good 30 minutes. Trial version solved the problem for me so I would recommend using that first. Step 1: Download and Install. This is clean and wouldn't have any issues. Ste