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Education Based Startups

When we hear the word " education " the first thing which comes to the mind is a " formal system of education "- going to school, colleges, engineering colleges etc.  I have subscribed to a bunch of blogs which I generally try to go through to keep myself updated on tech happenings across the world. Off late I noticed that there are quite a lot of education startups, not only in US but few in India as well. I have published the list at the bottom of this post which I found on Quora*.  Problems they are trying to solve? If you go through their website, you would find that most of these startups are trying to solve the problem of : bringing the courses online to cater a large group of audience providing specialized courses like course on coding, K-12 learning innovating the way courses are delivered community based learning What online education offers? Before I discuss if there is a market (which surely is) for online education, we need