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Twist – Let’s you get started pretty quick !

I joined a Product team who creates a Software product. I joined as second QA in the team. Product has seen quite a few releases and the team has built a Testing Suite which has over 600 test scenarios. These test scenarios run on 3 OS Windows, Linux, Mac.600 tests means a well and huge structure already built in and not much of effort from my end. Oh but I then start worrying about time taken to comprehend the structure and look around how classes are organized, how are we tagging the test scenarios, how can I find what all scenarios are automated. I used to think that automation tool sits in isolation. It’s needed when you want some test cases to automate. But we are using a tool which took away all my tension - Twist . So Twist allows me to write manual test case as well as automated ones at a single place and in a single suite. I don’t need 2 software; one to write manual tests and one to write automated tests. Well most of the testing projects have like this; write manual test

Using Drag and Drop in Selenium / Webdriver

Today I was trying out  to test the Drag and Drop feature provided in webdriver.  First I searched for a website which allows me to perform drag and drop operations and came across a website “ /”. On the top left you will see 2 items “Draggable”  and “Droppable”.  Those are of interest to us as of now to test the Drag and Drop feature if Webdriver. Draggable : The draggable sections looks like this. So you have a web element which can be dragged around in the circle. API to be used for these kind of controls is org.openqa.selenium.interactions. Actions . dragAndDropBy ( WebElement source , int xOffset , int yOffset ) Sample code to drag this element to an offset is WebElement draggable = browser.findElement("draggable")); new Actions(browser).dragAndDropBy(draggable, 200, 10).build().perform();     Droppable: The Droppable sections looks like this. You have 2 elements i.e one draggable and the other one to drop into.

Google + (Send Feedback link) – Tester’s View

First thing: what compelled me to write this was “ Send Feedback ” feature on Google + . I assume you would be knowing a little about Bug Logging/Tracking tool. I have used quite few too. Pretty much all of them seems to work in isolation. Isolation as in you have a application to test and you found a bug. So you launch the Bug logging application and do a bunch of things: 1. Write the best describing short and concise Title. 2. Write the Steps: (How to reproduce this? What was expected? What really happened?) 3. Take a relevant screenshot and highlight the problem in that (A Picture speaks thousand words !) 4. Set Feature, Priority, Risk etc. I felt I found a bug in Google + and I thought of sending it to them. I clicked on the “Send Feedback” link, so my whole page greys out and a small UI is popped up in right. By default “Highlight” is selected. So you just have to select a relevant portion of the UI where you think the Bug is and describe the issue in the tex

Impressive Google +

I am not a big Facebook fan but used to spend quite some time on it by looking into some scraps, some videos, laughing on comments, liking some comments (remember the Like button). Got the news of Google + . Requested few colleagues to invite me so that I can join the Google + league ( which is not yet opened publicly ). Reaction in first few minutes: wow what a neat application . No UI frills as you can see below. Default landing is on Home page, next icon is for Photos (Photos from your circles),next is your Profile, and the last one is most talked about Circles. Clicking on Circle will show you People in your circle, People who’ve added you, People you can find and invite. Circle is quite an innovation in Google +. Not everyone I have in my Facebook friend list are at same proximity. Some are college friends, some are colleagues, some are friend’s friend and many more like this. I feel Google +has understood it properly and they have created Circles as a solution. It helps

In a comfortable zone… sad but it’s reality of my life!

Every morning I get up, I generally prefer to pick up the news paper ( Times of India ) and want to read something good. Good about the country, good about what we as people are doing, good about what government is doing for the country, some good articles in the speaking tree section, some good international news and some good financial news. Ahhhh… this seems like as if I am into some dream land and very much optimistic about everything. Well I am a little optimistic, in fact a little more than all of us (I feel). I open the news paper and I read “ Life in Tihar: Tea with jail official, chatting with pals ”, “ CBI books babu for Rs. 400 cr. loss ”, “ HC stays tree cutting along Sankey Road ”, “ Maria Susairaj set to walk free ”, “ Stray canines maul baby to death in city ”. Well these are headlines of a national daily newspaper. My first instant reaction : Bloody hell ! Why do people bend in front of politicians, why shouldn’t they be treated as other criminals are. Next reaction: