In a comfortable zone… sad but it’s reality of my life!

Every morning I get up, I generally prefer to pick up the news paper (Times of India) and want to read something good. Good about the country, good about what we as people are doing, good about what government is doing for the country, some good articles in the speaking tree section, some good international news and some good financial news. Ahhhh… this seems like as if I am into some dream land and very much optimistic about everything. Well I am a little optimistic, in fact a little more than all of us (I feel).
I open the news paper and I read “Life in Tihar: Tea with jail official, chatting with pals”, “CBI books babu for Rs. 400 cr. loss”, “HC stays tree cutting along Sankey Road”, “Maria Susairaj set to walk free”, “Stray canines maul baby to death in city”. Well these are headlines of a national daily newspaper. My first instant reaction: Bloody hell ! Why do people bend in front of politicians, why shouldn’t they be treated as other criminals are. Next reaction: CBI seems to be quite powerful. But who will pay for this Rs. 400 cr. loss? Will it come to us in some ways of direct or indirect tax ? I still remember that the total bill on a dinner (occasion was my wedding anniversary) was Rs. 2700/- for just 3 persons. Out of that Rs. 2700/-, around Rs. 500/- was just taxes (Service charge, VAT, Cess). Well I am not complaining about Rs. 2700/-  but about Rs. 500/- which was put on bill against some tax. Just because I earn 70,000/- a month doesn’t mean that I should be careless about my spending. Next reaction: Court can understand tree cutting and has issued a stay but the human killing is not understood properly. Maria Susairaj case is really a rarest of the rare case sighting the punishment which is meted out to the killer duo.
I was expecting some good news to be happy about as a citizen, to feel proud of being Indian. Sorry we follow the same old principle “Bad news sells more than good news”, I guess would be the reply of news paper publishing company and news channel. I think where am I in the whole scene ? What is there for me in the newspaper? I see an advertisement on the bottom right section of the newspaper “Brigade Showcase 2011”, some property expo by Brigade Group. That’s where I am !  I am a typical Indian citizen, who works in an IT company and dream to buy a good car, have good house, earn some money to live a little comfortable life. From Mon-Fri I am less worried about anything else on this earth, because my priorities are software development, testing, release etc. I have my own deadlines to meet, that is my job and I may not be most happiest when I do this but I get paid for this.
Saturday and Sunday I hang up those boots and become a normal citizen who thinks little beyond than his comfort zones, who is bothered about what his happening in his country, who is bothered about government performance, who is bothered about news in neighbourhood. On these 2 days I think I wish I could be doing something different, I could be making a little wider impact on people around me and also I could give something back to the society.
I see the problem in a different way: problem is not Congress government neither BJP nor the corrupt IAS officer. Problem is decline in the moral of the people, moral of the society. Congress, BJP, IAS officer, they are all composed of individuals. As an individual, I have compromised my honesty, as an individual I have become more greedy, as an individual I have downgraded myself morally. Nothing else on earth will force you to commit crime than your inner self who pushes you to these things.
My problem is I think these things only on Saturday and Sunday, because from mon-fri I am in my comfortable zone. I go to office, sit in air conditioned office with transparent glasses which helps me shield myself from what is happening outside. It’s sad but it’s reality. On mon-fri I still pay attention to those advertisement which come on bottom right, because they have been made to be a part of my so called “Social dream”.


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