Google + (Send Feedback link) – Tester’s View

First thing: what compelled me to write this was “Send Feedback” feature on Google +. I assume you would be knowing a little about Bug Logging/Tracking tool. I have used quite few too. Pretty much all of them seems to work in isolation. Isolation as in you have a application to test and you found a bug. So you launch the Bug logging application and do a bunch of things:
1. Write the best describing short and concise Title.
2. Write the Steps: (How to reproduce this? What was expected? What really happened?)
3. Take a relevant screenshot and highlight the problem in that (A Picture speaks thousand words !)
4. Set Feature, Priority, Risk etc.
I felt I found a bug in Google + and I thought of sending it to them. I clicked on the “Send Feedback” link, so my whole page greys out and a small UI is popped up in right. By default “Highlight” is selected. So you just have to select a relevant portion of the UI where you think the Bug is and describe the issue in the textbox provided.

When I clicked on “Preview”, it launched a pop up with all the relevant details like the one you see in image below (Annotations, Page Information, Browser Information, Product Information, Page Structure). What else I could have wanted as a Tester :)
Amazing idea for a the next killer Bug logging tool. I also came across another tool BugHerd, brilliant concept (check it out !).

Great tool from Google guys.


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