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Last Day !

I have been in Boston at client location from past few weeks for UAT Sign-offs. It was a good learning period. I learnt a lot in terms of what Client wants, how do they see their application coming up. I also noticed why they want few pieces to come up fast. I also notice how frustrated they feel when we didn’t match their expectations or try convincing them on something which we have messed up. I also learn that few things are logical and should not be explicitly the part of acceptance criteria or story. I remember an example when one of my QA manager (I admire him a lot) gave that to me. e.g. When you go to restaurant and order for ‘Dosa’ you don’t explicitly order the ‘chutni’ and ‘sambhar’. So few things are understood. And the same needs to be applied to other things as well. I learnt that standards has no boundaries. These examples can seamlessly be used from one field to another. I also learnt that its very clear to them that points is just for you (IT guys) and all they both

Bridging the gap- the ‘Analyst’ way

In a typical IT Outsourcing scenario, people  who will use software is different, people who give requirements are different, people who will develop the software are different, people who will test the software are different. So there are bunch of people from different background and skills working together to achieve a common goal – to deliver the software. So the most difficult task is how these people will be in sync. How the developer and tester will know what users want? “Business Analyst” are the ones who paint the application in a developer and tester mind. Let’s quickly take a look into Business Analyst role. Generally people like developers and testers need not be an expert at every aspect of software development, but one skill they should definitely posses is the art of analyzing. One need not be an analyst but should possess some analysis skills. A software development team needs an “analyst” who can translate the stake holders requirement into something which a develop