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One characteristic that can help you stand out!

Every one who is in a competitive world wants to stand out and gets identified as a valuable person to the team, to the organization and to the external world, unless he/she thinks they are obliging the company by their presence (Pun intended).                                                   Courtesy: Google Image search  Then why in a team of 3 or more generally only one gets identified as a most valuable contributor or maybe just 2. This is not a “how to post” for beating the competition, neither it will help you be more productive. It will do nothing of that sort, just to set the expectations right. Ever wondered why most of us put in the same amount of effort but the only handful of people gets noticed. One of the key characteristics which a person need on a day to day life to stand out is “ diligence ”. While running the company for 4 years and having been able to interface with many people on the day to day basis, I clearly felt that people who put in diligence in

Introducing Optimus Dashboard

Make your mobile test automation more intelligent with the help of Optimus Dashboard. Reach out to me in case you want a free POC for your mobile app. Read up more on Optimus here: