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Appium Book

Glad to share that my book on appium titled Mobile Test Automation with Appium is now listed under appium official site as one of the book & resources to read and learn appium.

About This Book How to automate testing with AppiumApply techniques for creating comprehensive testsHow to test on physical devices or emulatorsDiscover Appium and how to set up an automation framework for mobile testingUnderstand desired capabilities and learn to find element locatorsLearn to automate gestures and synchronize tests using AppiumTake an incremental approach to implement page object patternLearn to run Appium tests on emulators or physical devicesSet up Jenkins to run mobile automation tests by easy to learn stepsDiscover tips and tricks to record video of test execution, inter app automation conceptsLearn to run Appium tests in parallel on multiple devices simultaneously

Who This Book Is For Are you a mobile developer or a software tester who wishes to use Appium for your test automation? If so…

Mobile Test Automation with Appium

To all my fellow testers and friends, "Mobile Test Automation with Appium" is the title of my book. It's an attempt to give back to the testing community a guide and help in terms of a step by step guide which will help them learn mobile testing and automation.

Who this book is for: It's for any QA who knows Java and is familiar with Selenium API (however it's not a must).

Buy your copy here from Packt & also available on Amazon here

This book covers all about appium and how would one get started with mobile test automation. Through the chapters, effort has been put to take on a journey which would

help you understand appiumhelp you set up your machinehelp you write the first test using Cucumberhelp you uncover new emulator called Genymotionhelp you understand Desired Capabilitieshelp you understand how to automate gestureshelp you understand how to implement page object patternhelp to implement Continuous Integration via Jenkins help you understand how to he…