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Why do we write ?

Off-late I have been thinking why do we write ? When I look back (some 7 years ago) to find a reason why I started writing, I find a different reason for myself. But if I have to generalise and convey I will say I started writing because I wanted to have a name for myself. There is a different story altogether on why I wanted name for myself :-) I spoke to a lot of people who write blog as well and if i have to vaguely categorise why people write then it would because of 3 broad reasons briefly discussed below. The first one why we write is for ourselves. We write to have a name for ourselves. We write so that someone can refer to us as a clever or smart or intelligent person. Yeah it's a bit egotistic thing but it is the truth. Sometimes we even write to express our feelings and thoughts buried deep inside. The second reason why we write is to live the moment. Generally when you write on certain topics you tend to project yourself in that situation and then write. We visua