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Thrilled but with a pinch of fear !

This is the first time when from coming monday I will have no office to go to. I will not drive through the busy inner ring road of Domlur (Bangalore) to reach office in Koramangla, I will be at home for few days! There is a certain amount of fear when you leave something so set for unknown. Unknown where you  for sure don't know what would be coming to you next. The moment one face something unknown, fear starts coming in, fear that it will disrupt your life, fear that it might derail all the plans you have. But this fear is more of a guiding nature and satisfying because everyday it will give you a chance to face it.  It will be worth reflecting when was the last time you faced such a fear ! Really this is what I am feeling after leaving my full time job at ThoughtWorks.  I know we can debate on the purpose of life and how you take life as ! But somewhere I feel the very purpose of life is to explore things around you, uncover new ways, uncover new paths without any fear a

What's next ?

It's been 4.5 years I spent in ThoughtWorks learning technologies and management aspects from some of the best industry practitioners. I was enjoying my time in ThoughtWorks and then one fine day I decided to move on and try something of my own with few friends at ThoughtWorks. Actually it was in discussion from quite some time which I had in some corner of my mind. But it took considerable amount of time for my irrational sense to dominate the rationality of my mind. Yeah the rational brain of mine was adamant that it's all going good in ThoughtWorks work wise, money wise, career wise, learning wise. But then it was a desire in me which was making me un-satisfied somewhere with what I had in life. Someone told me once "if you always do what you did, you will always get what you got" and this is stuck in my mind since then. Once I was telling my friend find out the reason why you are working, and they were telling reasons which wasn't able to convince themselv