What's next ?

It's been 4.5 years I spent in ThoughtWorks learning technologies and management aspects from some of the best industry practitioners. I was enjoying my time in ThoughtWorks and then one fine day I decided to move on and try something of my own with few friends at ThoughtWorks.

Actually it was in discussion from quite some time which I had in some corner of my mind. But it took considerable amount of time for my irrational sense to dominate the rationality of my mind. Yeah the rational brain of mine was adamant that it's all going good in ThoughtWorks work wise, money wise, career wise, learning wise. But then it was a desire in me which was making me un-satisfied somewhere with what I had in life. Someone told me once "if you always do what you did, you will always get what you got" and this is stuck in my mind since then. Once I was telling my friend find out the reason why you are working, and they were telling reasons which wasn't able to convince themselves forget about convincing me.

Sometimes it so happens that there is an itch in you to go and to do something. And you keep ignoring it as you are well settled in your comfort zone. You are so used to of things and the way life is going with you that it becomes the toughest obstacle in you pursuing your dreams which put these things at risk. When I discussed about my decision to leave this job and pursue something like this the first questions from my near and dear ones were "why you are taking this risk", "Is it needed, everything is going so good". After some long discussion with them I was able to convince that this is the most sensible decision I have taken till date. The only risk I am taking is putting my savings at risk.

When I still think of the decision I feel so good that I was able to leave behind the biggest comfort of my life which is the predictability. These decisions are so irrational that any rational person would think of me as a fool. And I feel that once I am able to question and risk this part of my life, I can do much more experiments with my life in future. After all I am big believer of YOLO (You Only Live Once).

Some more blogs to follow on the things I am learning daily as part of my entrepreneurial journey. Till then Happy Reading :-) 


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