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Two P’s from my Entrepreneurial Journey !

It’s been a little more than 9 months on this entrepreneurship journey and I thought of sharing the two most important learning of this journey. 9 months back when we started this venture, we looked into the happy side of it and was excited with the answers of these questions - what we could do, what impact we will be able to make, what kind of satisfaction it will give us, how empowered we will feel when we have a group of like minded people working towards one goal and blah blah. Probably if you ever thought of being an entrepreneur you might have got these questions in mind and once you get an answer to these questions you will feel the kick within to go out and try. Read complete blog here ...

My experience in hiring for Start up

Some context - Now that we have seen and did some homework a little bit for a little more than over 6 months, spoken to bunch of people and feel we can expand a little on our terms and conditions. So we are looking at hiring folks now ! Folks who are like us, a little like mindedness and good aptitude skill mostly ! Where are we right now - So once we decided we have to hire, I am looking into recruitment and have filtered lots of resume ! Honestly I haven't gone through these many resumes in my career when working for someone! It's little overwhelming !  So we narrowed down to some resumes and then the next job is talking to these folks. What do you talk about -   So what do you talk to people about? Since no one knows us, it takes a little long to explain ourselves, to explain who we are, why we are doing it, and then we come down to what position it is about. So this is mostly your make or break time ! And after having made at least 50 calls, with the pause in the can