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VagrantLab - a testing solution just for startups !

TestVagrant  is perhaps the first services company to bring in an idea of free POC. We learnt that services for startups need to be different from services for enterprise.  VagrantLab  is our attempt to address the need. At  VagrantLab  , we have created a very  succinct  and pertinent solution offering for startups: Easy to get started (via a free POC) Easy to continue (bare minimum retainer model) and Easy to handover (you own what we code)

Why your startup might fail

There is a sudden surge of startups and most of these startups are in B2C space with a product either on web or mobile or both. Also, most of these startups offer a very little differentiation so there is not much induced stickiness in app and hence consumers have choice to drop one and pick another based on their likeness or product feedback. For example, we have BigBasket, Grofers and PepperTap in grocery space, Fasoos, freshmenu, and spoonjoy in food space and likewise. This post is about why startups need to focus on quality, what are the current challenges and what we think we can help with. Read my complete  blog here