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Less caffeine, Less Debate, No more Carrom and No more Resentment !

Exactly that's how my life has been from past 2 months since I left my full time job ! It's more peaceful and lot more focussed on what I want to do for myself and definitely the big picture for which I envisioned and left my job. Working full time in an IT company is a bit competitive in terms of work pressure, the desire to perform better, the desire to stand by the faith of people who trusted you with the opportunity. Believe me working in IT for 8 years did leave some traces of competitiveness in me as in I miss competing with a bunch of intelligent people and try everything to stand out as in a healthy competition. Aaah I miss that really! And I see there is nothing wrong with that, that's how our pay system or appraisal system is designed as well. Less of caffeine trust me is a big favour you are doing for yourself. You don't need that much of caffeine. There was a time when I was having close to around 15 cups of coffee in a day in one of my  previous organ

Published my first book titled "A Beginner's Guide To Android App Automation Using Appium"

I am very happy to announce the first book I have written. It's a technical help e-book written on Appium and targeted for fellow testers who are looking for a guide that can help them use Appium for Android app automation. Snippet from book: Appium is an Open Source tool for testing native or hybrid mobile apps. It uses WebDriver JSON Wire protocol to drive both iOS and Android apps.There is descent documentation mentioned on the Appium site but somewhere it lacked to produce a guide, which can help you get rolling.This book is an effort to consolidate all the knowledge and resources to help you successfully use Appium to automate the android application. It will also help run the automated suite on real devices.   You can download the book and read it online here .  Happy to welcome your feedback and reviews !