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Setting up TestNG & ADT plug-in for Eclipse

Recently I have switched from "simple" Windows to "Smart" Mac, so I had to do all those basic set up of my typical test automation env which I had on Win7.  This post will detail about installing TestNG and Android plug-in into Eclipse and get started with your test. Steps to install TestNG: 1. Click Help -> Install New Software. 2. Paste this URL  in the "Work with" edit box and click on "Add" button. 3. In the ‘Name’ column we can see "TestNG" -> Select this and click "Next" button. 4.  Click on "Next" and click on the radio button "I accept the terms of the license agreement". 5. Click on "Finish". 6. Click on "Next" button. Once the above steps are done, this will install the TestNG plug-in for Eclipse and it will start for restart of Eclipse. Just restart the Eclipse. You should be good. To instal