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How to set up Calabash for Android App Testing

Calabash is an open source project for testing mobile apps. It's based on cucumber  so allows one to author test in business readable domain specific language. Calabash is available on Github . I have a machine running Mac OSX (version 10.8.2) and I will be detailing steps on how I installed Calabash and got my first test running. Couple of things which you would need before installing Calabash is : Xcode, Ruby and Android SDK.  I installed Homebrew which actually helped me upgrading the ruby to version 1.9.3 pretty easy. Once you install Xcode, you would have to install Xcode command line tools. This would be in  Xcode Preferences --> Downloads Tab, select the Command Line Tools and click on Install. Post the Xcode you would want to check the ruby version, you need 1.8.7 or higher. If you have brew installed then running " brew install ruby " would upgrade the ruby else if you have rvm installed then try running " rvm install 1.9.3 --with-gcc=c

Agile Testing & Importance of Stubs

Generally when we are trying to develop any application which exists in the ecosystem of other applications, we tend to spend a lot of time in solving dependency issues. There are many times when these external components would be down and would stop your related testing activity. There is a smarter way of tackling with components which do not directly impact you - which is Stubs. It has it's own merits and demerits. I will be touching a little upon the importance of stubs from testing point of view. I am trying to highlight what I have been working on for quite some time. Stubs as defined on wikipedia is a piece of code which represents other programming functionality.  For around 7 months, I was working on a project where in we were trying to create a product/software (let's cal it X for sake of simplicity) which would fit in a stack of systems. Product X was dependent on other systems and would need to get it's input from bunch of other systems (let's say