What a QA role in TestVagrant looks like?

Disclaimer: Not a post to promote my Org. Read it if you want to understand what we do at TestVagrant and what you can expect from your career as a QA here.
Almost 4 years back we created the company called TestVagrant and the prime intention was to make testing very intelligent and innovative. We want to make testing lean, more efficient, foster intelligence in solution which we owned and built. We wanted to challenge the assumptions of the testing and create something which is more intuitive and value addition to the software development process. And this happens when you own the design when you can influence it and change it based on the knowledge and skill you have acquired over a period of time.
End of the day we wanted everyone to believe in the work they are doing, enjoy the work, experiment with what they are learning and have the courage to question the status quo and above all feel free to implement their ideas. We code to test and make testing faster and accurate.
Generally, the shackles of enterprise company (and deep funded startup which operates like enterprise) are so strong that the majority of the QA is hired to do the job of pattern following and not really challenge the pattern (refers to the existing solution). The reason could be long and various, some worth listing here is:
  • environment and culture is not open for the change
  • process and practice which prevents people to bring change and new ideas
  • no risk appetite of the leaders at the various level
We wanted to be a tech company specialized in Testing where we work on “hard to solve” QA problems with our coaching and excellent tech skills. We custom develop testing solutions for companies who want to “go to market” faster with exceptionally high quality.
Who should work with us? 
We want designers in testing (passionate coders in the testing world) who take pride in building the test solution from scratch, willing to make it fail-safe, willing to learn a new programming language and come out of comfort zone to experiment something new and radical. If you are looking to work in your comfort zone (or let’s say just Java, Selenium, Appium etc.) then I am afraid TestVagrant may not be the right place for you. We want testers who want to push the limits of testing to fasten the entire software development process and keep the app quality exceptionally high. We strongly believe that the goal of QA is to release software products with acceptable quality. We help the company accelerate the time to market with intelligent and innovative testing solutions and techniques.
If this excites you then drop in your resume to career@testvagrant.com and we would love to take it forward from there.
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