My First C# Application :)

This is one of my interesting projects I have ever worked and really enjoyed it to core. I was given the task to create an application which generates a report file taking input from mailbox task, meeting and sent items (based on some keywords in subject line). I found it very interesting and challenging too coz I being the tester first time I was feeling that I am doing some task of development which I always wanted to do. :)

Working with “Outlook Mailbox” is really fun. Problem was how to read tasks and meeting/appointment and create a daily report for the same. The idea of creating this document is to share my excitement and coming up with this document to help someone to give them an insight into how to work in C# to retrieve all items from mailbox. This doc will help to integrate Outlook with Visual Studio with C# language.

Technical Info: To start with we need to add the Microsoft Outlook 12.0 Outlook Library reference to the project. Once we add the reference to our project the Microsft.Office.Core and Outlook assemblies will be added.
Outlook uses MAPI folders to keep track of your e-mail messages, contacts, appointments, tasks and notes. Outlook keeps these files in one of two places, depending on the type of e-mail server you use. Your MAPI file is either in a personal storage folder (.pst) on your hard disk drive or in a mailbox located on the server, if you are using Outlook with Microsoft Exchange server.

Brief about Application: The snapshot of the application is shown below. This application scans the mailbox for meeting request, tasks and sent mails based on “Status” keyword. The application has the functionality of pulling the report from 1st day of week i.e. Monday to the day selected from the calendar control. Application provides the option of saving the report generated in the .txt file in the folder where application is installed. “Open File” button opens the text file for any modifications (if required). It also provides the option of pulling the report for a single day by selecting the checkbox “Single Day” and opens the mail (ready to send) with the body as the report pulled. Just type in the recipients and send it!:)


  1. You are in development or testing? Instead of windows application can the same be in web application?



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