Hiring - key to start up growth

In a hectic and a joyful life of running a company, being full time on a project and then being a father is just a little too much.  Writing took a back seat because of all this. 
So I thought to cut down my sleeping time to get back to writing blogs, it's liberating I feel. Here I have basically tried to discuss what we generally look in for when we are hiring especially for a position in start up point.

Excerpt here: 

We are 14 right now and we are still looking for more. We have filtered around more than 400 resumes, close to 150 face to face interviews and then we selected bunch of folks who are working with us. I have been doing interviews since 2007, so when I reflect at the hiring process, I feel there is not much change with respect to how you give interview. Largely the process of giving interview remained the same. To a certain extent the reason could be that what we ask in interview hasn’t changed.

Full blog here:  lnkd.in/fnTi6GJ

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