Being leisure…

Today I had been to hospital for some check up. After the initial analysis, I was sitting in a hospital and was waiting for my x-ray reports to come. While waiting there, I saw couple of people around and generally I take out my iPhone and get busy in some app. But today I suppressed my urge to take out phone reason being no data signal in basement. Yeah I didn’t wanted to hear music as well ! What I noticed in that hall for next 15 minutes was very different, realistic and special. 

People you see around and their expressions. There were people who were looked worried, some were with their kids and running behind them, in a bit lighter mood. Kids certainly add a new dimension to your life I felt. And quite a lot were busy in mobile, may be they had network :)

Another thing which I noticed was how ppl come dressed to hospital. Majority of the people came in casual clothing except few ladies who were dressed a little more for the occasion. I am no one to comment on that, however thing which really caught my interest was the dress of the hospital staff. Couple days back i was thinking if I should set a dress code for myself for work and was reading on Mark Zuckerberg style of same t-shirt to work. It’s quite interesting and I am going to give it a try!

I was also thinking on life, that it feels so easy when you have access to good medical support system, when you have resources to do pre-emptive medical check up . And how important it is for a person to have good access to medical system. And in a country like India where you have so much of population how does one create a good health infrastructure. It’s a tough job but certainly not impossible !

One thing I felt was you should spend some time doing nothing, experience nothingness. Just look around, observe people around and their life. It’s not necessary that you always talk to someone when you are jogging, or answering emails when in park. Observing around will make you aware of so many things and would be a welcome change. 

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