Being an Entrepreneur

Lesson 1: No matter what you do, few things will go at it's own pace ! When you can't influence them, bear them and be happy !

When I planned with other two friends of mine to leave ThoughtWorks and set up a company of our own, we had no much of idea of outside world. We were starting on getting the company name finalised, registering the company. Reading mostly on web we found out that it would take around 4 weeks to register a company. We thought we have around 4 weeks of notice period and started the procedure. Believe me if it's a government work you are bound to repeat the task at least once. It took us 8 weeks to register the company and get all the documentation done and a ton of patience, there are still couple of filing under progress which are more like nice to have.

Plus the whole government functionary is black box. So in case you are registering for a new company you would need to submit four names as a potential choice for company name. Ahhh yes 4 names, so that precisely means checking four domain name availability, all social media handles and other related stuff like github handle and all. Trust me it's easy to suggest someone a company name but when it comes to your own you would take all the time in world to finalise one. But one quick learning here is don't worry about the name much, choose what easily conveys the business and is relevant to you. There is nothing called a successful name or a unsuccessful one ! Look around yourself you have names like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Flipkart which are not even a dictionary word. We got to know about them when they all became famous and by the way they are all product companies. Other names are Infosys, Cognizant, TCS, HCL all big league IT Services company. So it really doesn't matter what's the company name unless you are big,  and once you are big you hardly bother about the name ! 

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